Friday, October 19, 2018

The Other Man / Beauties Pageant 5

Although I haven’t been sewing, I have been plotting my two-color challenge for
QuiltCon. Here’s Mix and Mingle, a challenge quilt of mine that showed at
QuiltCon 2017.

There has not been a lot of sewing around From Bolt to Beauty this week because the Other Man, my Janome 1600P-QC, was at the spa. It returned just yesterday, all cleaned and oiled and ready to sew.

This machine earns my seal of approval. Previously, I sewed on a Janome that was marketed as a home d├ęcor machine. I had inherited it from my aunt, and it worked just fine. Pushing a quilt through it was rough going, though. I wanted a machine with a larger throat and something on which I could practice free-motion quilting.

Me and the Other Man.

I quickly homed in on the 1600 by reading what other bloggers were using. Both Anna Graham and Elizabeth Hartman were sewing on one at the time of my search. If that machine could keep up with those sewists’ schedules, I knew it could handle mine.

If you’re in the market for a new machine, here’s what you should know about the 1600:
  • It’s an industrial machine and only straight-stitches.
  • There are almost 9 inches to the right of the needle
  • It is crazy fast, sewing up to 1,600 stitches per minute. You can ratchet that down, however, by adjusting the speed dial.
  • The tension on this machine is a dream. I’ve never had eyelashes with my free-motion quilting or issues when I use different top and bottom thread colors.
  • It comes with minimal bells and whistles, including a thread cutter, needle threader, and knee lift.
I would love to hear about your machine. If you’re finish-less like me, fill us in on why you love your machine in the comments below. Otherwise, it’s time to line up for this week’s Beauties Pageant!

The pageant rules are simple:
  • Post your finish in the linky tool. (No links to your own giveaway or linky, please!)
  • Point your readers back here with a text link or use the button above.
  • Visit and comment on other participants’ finishes.

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  1. No finishes here (well, at least that I can show right now!) but I am also a Janome girl! I have had a Magnolia for about 7 years and this spring I upgraded to a 6600P. The thing quilts like magic. :D

  2. It's been a slow quilting week for me as well! Janome is my machine of choice too! I have a small Janome that I use for piecing and a 6600 for quilting! There is so much to love about both of these machines. Dual Foot, throat space, thread cutter...I have never regretted my decision to buy either of these machines!

  3. I love my Juki for the same reasons you list here, Michelle! I'm glad your machine is back from the spa all spiffed up and ready to sew. Thanks for hosting the linkup. :)

  4. Hi Michelle! I have the Janome cousin, an Elna Pro 730. I just love it and I chose it because of the throat size. It has a bunch of fancy stitches that I rarely use, but I love the knee-lever, thread cutter and needle threader (although I can still see to thread the needle myself). I'm just getting more into FMQ and I had a huge issue with my first attempt. But I solved that and have had no issues since. I had no finishes this MONTH so far. Ugg. I've got to get busy!

  5. I'm so glad you have your machine back! I use a Kenmore, which I learned a couple of years ago is actually made by Janome :) It doesn't have a very large throat space (5" or 6" if I remember correctly), so whenever I need to buy a new machine that will be a big factor! And I'm pretty sure it will be a Janome, when the time comes.

  6. I have a few finishes but no blog posts about them yet. In the mean time, my mid-60s Husqvarna keeps me happy! It's older than I am by a decade, it's all metal and can do anything. I've quilted multiple queen size quilts on it but I prefer to do those on my longarm now.

  7. I have two Janome's and I almost bought the one you have and now I wish I did, instead of the 8900 but oh well. It's good as well but it does have a few issues.


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