Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hooray, I Made a Runner!

Have you encountered one of those quilt patterns that you can’t shake? It could be a matter of days or, in my case, years, but it’s something you have to make? That was my experience with this table runner, discovered on Flickr years ago. It’s fairly simple, not bucket-list-worthy, yet I knew I needed one of my own.

Well, I made it—hooray! And not a moment too soon. The sideboard in my dining room has been sporting a Christmas runner my mom made. (I’d like to say that I put it out early, for Christmas 2017, but we both know that’s not true.)

I am pleased to present the non-Christmas runner
I made for my dining room.

I had a layer cake of French General’s Petite Prints Deux on hand and toned down the fabric’s bright salmon and berry with some Essex Linen in flax and some burgundies from my scrap bin.

Everything was looking rather traditional for my taste, so I bound the project with Kona Pewter, to give it a little something. My internal monologue throughout the binding process told me to stop. I would hate the gray binding and have a lot of “unsewing” to do! Once I saw the runner on the sideboard, though, with a silver-framed mirror above it and silver knobs below it, I knew I made the right decision.

Kona Pewter did not disappoint!

Technically, this runner is finished. However, when I set it out on my sideboard, I was faced with some unsightly waviness. It won’t lie flat. I’m currently debating what to do to remedy the situation. I’ve blocked projects in the past, but I’ve always done so before they were bound. And since this runner is decorative—I had no intention of putting food on it or washing it—I let it slip that some of the fabrics were prewashed and others weren’t. Actually, one of the fabrics I prewashed for this quilt project and it bled so badly that I omitted it from that quilt but included it here.

Ack! I’ll let you know what I decide to do.

The waviness that plagues my otherwise lovely runner.

To make your own lovely table runner, see this block tutorial from Don’t Call Me Betsy. To share your words of wisdom regarding the waviness, comment below. : )

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  1. Ohhh, this is what you were talking about. You have bias edges on the essex linen where you put the binding on. I'm guessing you applied the binding without pre-measuring? If you unbind it, then measure out the runner and mark the length, pinning along the way, it will all end up flat.

    Or you can block it. Stretch out the rest of the runner to match the binding. You could also try inserting a stiff metal wire into the binding, essentially forever stretching it. They make lace blocking wires that would work...

    But it's really cute! I'd probably just leave it wrinkly, but that's the right brain talking. :D

    1. You know, those edges aren't on the bias (I made my HSTs the standard two-at-a-time way, so those edges are on the grain). I think the problem had to do with not starching the somewhat stretchy Essex Linen and then machine-binding the project without my walking foot. I think I'll start with pressing the heck out of the piece ... then, if that doesn't work, try blocking it without removing the binding.

      BTW: I've never premeasured the binding the way you mentioned. Have you? In what context? It's an intriguing idea!

  2. Have you just ironed the crud out of the runner? Very technical terms there (and probably something you already tried), but hope springs eternal, you know? Great colors. While a bit traditional, they pop against your decor.

    1. I think I'll try that again. I have Best Press and sizing on hand. I really just want this to be a done deal. I love the way it looks, and I don't want to risk any bleeding!

      Thanks for the thoughts and your kind comments about my runner. : )

  3. I the heck out of it! It is a pretty runner and I especially love the light grey binding. It stands out all in a good way!

  4. Hi Michelle,
    What a lovely table runner! I just love the fabric colors you chose, and it looks great on your sideboard. I'm going to check out the link you shared. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Nice Michelle, it's perfect for the room, it looks great. I love how it's kind of two toned with the reds.

  6. It's a great runner. Good call on the grey binding.

  7. Do as Yvonne suggests and 'iron the crud out of it'. If not, try colour catchers and blocking it? I have never had a problem with French General fabrics, but I cannot swear to the extra burgundy you added.
    It looks lovely. It might even just settle into place if given time. :)

  8. I like the runner. I actually had a similar issue to this not too long ago and I iron and steamed it a bunch and it flattened out.


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