Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The “Hardest” Quilt Block I’ve Ever Made—
Ba da bum!

I love the quilt blogging community. I have bunches of real-life quilty friends, but my connection to other quilters started here, online.

And nothing thrills me more than having a front-row seat to my fellow quilt bloggers’ achievements. During QuiltCon 2015, my quilty BFF, Kim (Leland Ave Studios), won first place in the Modern Traditional category. With the way I shared the news on- and offline, you would have thought I had won myself. More recently, Lara (BuzzinBumble) released her first book, Crafting Appliqué. I haven’t jumped on the applique bandwagon yet, but her novel technique may change that!

Similarly, when Terri (Childlike Fascination) showed me a sneak peek of her Mini Barn Quilts last summer, I knew she was on to something big, and man, was I excited for her. She designed 6 kits to begin with and plans on adding 10 more through the end of this year. Each of them contains wooden pieces to construct a miniature quilt. Add some favorite fabric scraps, a little Mod Podge, a bit of glue—and any crafter can be the proud owner of a miniature quilt suitable for display.

Terri sent me a kit last fall, as her creation was debuting. She claimed that her kits were easy to put together, but she didn’t tell me that picking the fabric would be difficult. As others finished up their mini quilts, I was plagued with indecision.

I finally—months and months later!—decided on a color palette. I re-created the mostly monochromatic backing from this quilt, in shades of teal.

I feel like a dolt for not jumping on this project sooner. I started my kit one night, allowing the Mod Podge to cure overnight. Less than 12 hours from when I began, I was taking pictures and writing up this post. A super-fast finish is just what I need every now and then, and this Mini Barn Quilt fit the bill.

After adhering my fabric selections to the hexies with Mod Podge,
I followed the guidelines on the wooden plaque to lay out the block.

The final product—the hardest quilt block I have ever made!

What is your go-to quick-turnaround project—the kind that gives you a breather in between quilts? The other readers and I want to know! Tell us about it in the comments!

The requisite disclaimer: I like Terri. I’m pretty sure she likes me, too, because she sent me this cool crafting set. The preceding opinion is all my own, based on my experience with her product. Nope, there are no affiliate links in this post (or any post, for that matter).

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  1. Awesome mini barn quilt! I really like the pairing of the turquoise and the gold/yellow.

  2. Love the teal! Gotta love a quick quilt project.

  3. Very cute! I've seen a few bloggers showing them off but I really like the hexie one.

  4. That is so cute and happy! Love it! Now, where are you going to hang it???

  5. What a cool idea Terri had for her "hard" quilt blocks! How neat that this is another fun way to use Mod Podge. I like how yours turned out Michelle!
    Thank you for the shout out about my book too. :)
    You are so right on about how great the quilt blogging community is and how easy it is to get excited and happy for others.

  6. Ohh, that looks great - giving me even more new ideas - too bad :)

  7. Love the colors you decided on. I wish I had a go-to project between quilts but I don't. Just being away for a few days is usually enough for me to recharge and jump into the next project.


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