Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Befriend New Sewers!

Is your current quilting project getting you down? Are piecing snafus making you mutter evil things at your sewing machine? Feeling like this quilting thing is for the birds?

Well, do I have a remedy for you: befriend new sewers!

Two friends of mine took a beginner’s sewing class last fall. They’ve learned a lot and made some fabulous projects, but they are still sewing newbies. I, on the other hand, have ripped out my fair share of seams—like, 11 or 12 years of them. I can say something as simple as “press, don’t iron” or toss around the names of fabric designers, and these friends think I’m brilliant. What an ego boost to talk sewing with these friends—I feel as if I know what I’m talking about!

In all sincerity, however, I love these two gals, and I was excited when they both, independently of each other, approached me about helping them with quilting. I suggested a sew-along, and they both jumped on board.

The challenge? We have different levels of sewing experience and different styles. What quilt would be a worthwhile sew for the three of us? The disappearing nine-patch seemed to fit the bill. It’s super simple to piece and offers fabulous versatility. If you pick traditional fabrics and lay the blocks in a predictable pattern, you end up with a traditional-looking quilt. Pick modern fabrics and rotate the blocks randomly, and you’ve created a more modern look. 

I’m going to work on a throw-size quilt inspired by the disappearing nine-patch I found at Bonjour Quilts. I started with the red bird fabric (Lauren and Jessi Jung’s Hideaway) and added the red and orange houndstooth (DS Quilts). Other fabrics with red, orange, pale yellow, and aqua were added to the mix, including more DS Quilts fabrics, two almost solids from Jenn Ski’s Mod-Century, Kona Snow, and Kona Ice Frappe.

I’m excited to get the nine-patches sewn and cut. I can’t wait to start playing with the placement of the blocks!

I’m linking up to Work in Progress Wednesday at and Let’s Bee Social. If you recently tackled your own disappearing nine-patch, I’d love to see it. Add a link in the comments below—thanks in advance for the additional inspiration!


  1. Fun. It is great to have sewing friends like that. I haven't tried nine patch yet so no inspiration from my side.

  2. I like your colors. That red fabric almost looks like a code. Hm. 3 birds, 3 acorns... what can it mean?? lol. I'm a dork. It's great that your friends are getting into sewing. I loved having my own little sewing circle and I miss having friends to sew with.

    1. If there is a code, it's the same one I see in every quilt: "Buy more fabric! Buy more fabric!" I'll blame the birds and acorns on my burgeoning stash. ; )

  3. oh, how fun to have a sew a long with your friends :)

  4. What a great idea! I would like to do something like this with friends, have them come over, use up some of my long long long waiting fabrics and get it sewn up for charity. We have so many organizations wanting quilts and I have all this would just be so fun and rewarding.

  5. How fabulous that your two friends have become sewing fans! Your first project choice is looking quite promising. Looking forward to hearing and seeing what comes of this group endeavor!

  6. Such an awesome project! And so fun to have friends that want to sew! How did you convince them to give it a try? I've been trying to get my friends to sew for a few years, but I haven't gotten anyone to do it!


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