Friday, October 9, 2020

The Silver Lining to 2020 / Beauties Pageant 101

Hello and happy Friday! I’m continuing the theme for 2020 today with yet another finish because there’s not much to do when I’m hunkered down at home but sew and sew and sew. This year’s 12 finishes for me were all completed during fairly decent weather, and it makes me wonder how many quilts I’ll successfully tackle once the weather takes a turn for the worse. At some point, I’ve got to get bored of quilting, right?
In any event, I introduced this project a few weeks ago. It’s Stepping Stones, by Blair Stocker of Wise Craft Handmade, rendered in purples, oranges, grays, and blacks from Denyse Schmidt. This pattern was a simple sew and proved to be an effective use of scraps and stash. It was also a fun way to play with value. The transparency effect of the black overlapping corners is especially satisfying, I think. My only word of caution is that the Stepping Stones blocks have bias edges. That’s not a dealer breaker for me, but it’s something to keep in mind if you decide to make the pattern yourself.
Now that my take on Stepping Stones is quilted and bound, it looks less Halloween-y than I originally feared. It’s still not quite Michelle enough to hold on to it, which is fine. I’ve been accumulating a stockpile of finished lap-size quilts. My younger son wraps up his elementary-school experience next spring, and I thought I’d give the many educational professionals we’ll say good-bye to their choice of quilts. So I’ll add this lovely to the pile.
Sometimes I make quilts with a specific recipient in mind, but more often, I sew what I will enjoy creating and then figure out who will receive it. This is my first time asking people to pick what they’d like. I’m excited to see how it goes! : ) 

What do you do with your quilt finishes? Do you sell them, gift them, or stash them away?

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  1. Your quilt is very pretty, I don't think it looks Halloween at all. Happy stitching!

  2. Oooh, adding a quilt with Denyse Schmidt into the gifting pile? I completely understand, and whoever receives this will be getting a big hug from you!

  3. It's beautiful, Michelle! I think it's a great idea to let people pick which quilt they would like. Then you know for sure they'll love it :)

  4. Hi Michelle, you've done some amazing work - I doubt very much that you will get tired of quilting when the bad weather comes :-)

  5. I think the colors are somewhat "Halloween" but the fabric designs are too "floraly" for that to really be the case. So I think you are safe to count this as a "normal" quilt ;)

    Your idea to let people choose a quilt sounds great. Let us know next year, how it did go please. xo Melanie

  6. Very pretty finish, Michelle! I love that backing with it, too! Fun idea to let them pick their quilt. You might be surprised!

  7. It's gorgeous! I really like the colors. Probably because I have some of those same fabrics stashed away for the 'perfect' quilt. Ah, silly me. Someone is certain to love this quilt!

  8. I “gift” almost all the quilts I make. They are usually made with the recipient in mind!
    HS Graduation, Wedding, new baby, milestone birthday! I have donated to Jack’s Basket, those too are sort of size and age appropriate!
    I’m sure all the people in your son’s school life will be very appreciative!

  9. I love the colors in your quilt and I don't think it looks Halloweenish. I do the same, just sew what I enjoy creating. After 20 years of quilting, I realized I really didn't have many of my quilts as I've given most of them away and I sold a few quilt tops, which I now regret. I do have some now that I'm making specifically for someone, but I also decided to make quilts that make me happy and I'm keeping them!


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